Ed sings a song called “NEW YORK” that COULD be about Taylor and like 3 months later Taylor freaking moves there like come on

I believe that when ed wrote this song, he already knew she had bought an apartment in NY, hence the manhattan reference. This song is so Taylor, plus the whole thing about her saying 2013 was a difficult year for her mediawise, it really matches the lyrics when he sings” You’ve spent a lifetime fitting in, only to wind up on the other side ” . In school she struggle with having to fit in , now that she’s famous she’s still struggling to fit in with the media and all the negative things said about her. What i like about this song , was the part of the lyrics where Ed says “i’m here for ya” :`) , inspite of everything that she has to face , he’s gonna be there for her if she needed it. I also believe the other clue that this could be about taylor was the last part of the lyrics ” a New Life , in New York” …..she is starting a new life in NY, so that fits.

I told ya